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Chery Demo Vehicles In South Africa – Buy A Demo Chery Car Today!

If you are looking for some of the best Chery demo models available in South Africa, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the fastest-growing brands in South Africa, we have a strong and established presence in the automotive sector which means we can bring you among the top demo Chery car deals.

Chery Demo For Sale

Today, Chery car models are more affordable, offer tremendous value for money, and are easy on the eyes. We update our online showroom almost daily to ensure you don’t miss out on high-quality demo Chery cars.

Although we are based in Stellenbosch, Knysna, Mossel Bay and George, our National Vehicle Delivery Service means you can take advantage of the affordable Chery demo prices on offer. Simply choose one of the demo Chery vehicles on this page and we will deliver it to you – anywhere in South Africa.

Why Choose Chery Demo SUVs

When buying any of our Chery demo models on this page, you’ll get a practically near vehicle for the price of a good used one. In most instances, the demo Chery will still have a full or part warranty attached, which is an added value proposition for serious buyers. Group1 customers also find that buying demo Chery cars offers the following benefits:

  • A Chery demo model is just as good as a new car
  • Most demo Chery cars for sale are under 10 months old
  • Many demo models have less than 15,000 km on the clock
  • Vehicle warranties and service plans are almost always in place
  • A demo model is often the best spec version of a new Chery SUV

Demo Chery Models

There is nothing quite like the feeling of buying a new car, but Chery demo models are often even more popular since they offer buyers all of the benefits of a new Chery car at a lower price. The Chery brand has always been known for affordability but now, it also offers more refined styling, great levels of safety, reliability, build quality and loads of technology. If you want the best of both worlds – a Chery demo SUV should be at the top of your wishlist.

Demo Chery SUVs

From compact SUVs and crossovers to luxury SUVs, Group1 Chery has something for everyone. When available, you can choose from any one of the following vehicles:

  • Demo Chery Tiggo 4 Pro SUV
  • Demo Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Crossover SUV
  • Demo Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Luxury SUV

Demo Chery Tiggo 4

Chery has outdone themselves, delivering one of the best-looking, budget SUVs on the market. With loads of intelligent technology, safety and comfort features, a demo Chery Tiggo 4 Pro is safe, comfortable and practical, offering tremendous value for money with low running costs and a respectable fuel economy. Then, there is the Chery demo price which is certainly one of the biggest drawing cards, especially considering everything you get on the base model.

Demo Chery Tiggo 7

The Chery Tiggo 7 range follows the new design DNA with a few small innovations while using some of the latest technologies and refined automotive engineering for the best results. It is undoubtedly a head-turner, but the Tiggo 7 also offers great value for money with a long list of comfort and features, good fuel economy, and low running costs. Looking at this, it will be hard for anyone to outshine a new or demo Chery Tiggo 7 Pro.

Demo Chery Tiggo 8

While a demo Chery Tiggo 8 Pro may not be a conventional budget car, it is still an affordable, stylish and feature-rich luxury SUV. This impeccable 7-seater has a full house of convenience and safety features while boasting a stylish, modern and luxurious interior. You will be surprised just how many features this SUV has and for the Chery demo price, it’s the bargain of a lifetime.

Contact Group1 About Your Chery Demo Needs

Buying any of our Chery demo vehicles will be a smart choice as you get an almost new car with low mileage and at an affordable Chery demo price. If there are any extras fitted, you will likely not have to pay for them and the same applies to any valid service plans, maintenance plans and warranties when you take ownership.

Simply search our online showroom with the filter tool on this page or visit us in Stellenbosch, Knysna, Mossel Bay or George where our professional, friendly and highly experienced team will help you find the best Chery demo vehicle for your needs. Act fast as our 2023 demo Chery cars are highly sought after and often sell quickly.